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Antenna Equipment

For receiving highly-precise time signals we are glad to provide you with diverse antenna types and accessories like lightning protection, cables, connectors, line amplifiers as well as antenna splitters.

Our GPS/GNSS antennas can be used worldwide. At any place in the world the difference time to UTC as well as the regional summer / winter time can be set. A simulation of the DCF77 signal already integrated allows for using existing systems receiving DCF77 signals worldwide.

Our DCF77 receivers can be used in the vicinity of approximately 2,000 km of the transmitter station Frankfurt (Main). The following time information will be provided:

  • CEST = Central European Summer Time with automatic switch-over and correction of sporadically inserted leap-seconds
  • CET = Central European Time without automatic switch-over to summer time & correction of sporadically inserted leap-seconds
  • UTC = Universal Time Coordinated, with correction of the sporadically inserted leap-seconds