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Antenna Cable RG59 / low loss LSZH / plug

Short Description

Cable lengths and cable types

The cable length is restricted because of the high frequency and the low signal strength. It can be lengthened by using a repeater.

At present two different types of cables are available allowing the following distances between antenna and electronics to be bridged:

  • Cable length up to max. 25 m (82.0 ft): Using standard cable ring KA4017
  • Cable length over 25 m (82.0 ft): Using hopf LSZH cable KA110109

The combination of different cable types within one antenna configuration is not possible.

hopf low loss LSZH1 cable KA110109 replaces hopf GPS special cable KA110107.

The BNC connectors ST1101B00 used for hopf GPS special cable KA110107 are also suitable for the new hopf low loss LSZH cable KA110109.

Cable installation

When laying the cable special attention must be paid to the following points:

  • The coaxial connectors should not be damaged or soiled. The connections should be protected with plastic foil.
  • The bending radius of the cable must not be less than 50 mm.
  • No section of the cable should be squeezed nor should the insulation coating be damaged

The cable is fed through the antenna base and connected to the antenna via a coaxial connector. To lay the cables this can be disconnected. To do this the Allan screws on the antenna base are removed and the dish is lifted off.

The cable must not be installed in the vicinity of other HF-, control or power cables. The emitted radio interference from these cables may interfere with GPS reception because of the extremely low reception power.

Technical Data

antenna cable length connector
standard cable RG59 supplied on a coil, KA4017: max. 25 m
(82.0 ft.)
hopf low loss LSZH cable without line amplifier 6849: max. 100 m
(328.0 ft.)
hopf low loss LSZH cable with one line amplifier 6849: max. 200 m
(656.0 ft.)
hopf low loss LSZH cable with two line amplifiers 6849: max. 325 m
(1,066.0 ft.)
hopf low loss LSZH cable without line amplifier 6849 with power splitter 4443 (configuration 1): max. 75 m
(246.0 ft.)
hopf low loss LSZH cable without line amplifier 6849 with Powersplitter 4443 (configuration 2): max. 75 m
(246.0 ft.)


A maximum of two line amplifiers can be used.


PDF documents

Software and Driver

  • For this product there is no Software / Driver available.