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GPS-Antenna 4490G10 / 4490G11 / 4490G12 / 4490G21

Short Description

Mechanical structure of the antenna

The antenna is housed in a round weatherproof plastic casing. The casing cover is arched to prevent any rain water, snow or other impurities from settling on the antenna.

The mechanical construction consists of sturdy, anodized aluminium or aluminium die-casting and is designed to resist high winds.

The plastic housing can be installed horizontally as well as vertically to the mechanical parts, allowing both wall and flat-roof installation of the antenna. The antenna cable can be fed either through the base or through a slot on the side of the mounting flange.

Electrical structure of the antenna

As the antenna is non-directional, reception cannot be improved by mechanical shaping as, for example, with parabolic antennas. Therefore the signal strength at the antenna input is about 1 x 10-16 Watts and already below the generally permitted noise level.

An extremely low-noise pre-amplifier is placed behind the antenna in order to feed the signals to the electronics via an antenna cable. The antenna cable also supplies the voltage to the pre-amplifier.

Technical Data

Type of antenna: micro-strip-line with pre-amplifier
Mean frequency: 1575.42 MHz
Band width: 10 MHz
Angle of view: +10° above the horizon
Impedance: 50 Ω
Power amplification: 20 dB
Voltage supply via the antenna cable: 4.5 - 7V DC
Temperature range:
 - Operation:
 - Storage:
-30° C bis +85° C
-40° C bis +85° C
Humidity: 100%
Protection class: IP65
Category of application: outdoors
MTBF: > 500,000 h (Equipment may be damaged by lightning - mentioned values are only theoretical values)


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Software and Driver

  • For this product there is no Software / Driver available.