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Sub-Master (Slave) Clock System 7001(RC)-Slave

Short Description

System 7001(RC)-Slave is a modular system that can be synchronized in connection with an appropriate synchronisation board and/or hardware input via the below stated signals:

  • Serial hopf Master/Slave string provided by a hopf Master Clock
  • DCF77 pulse (1Hz)
  • DCF77 antenna simulation (77.5kHz)
  • IRIG-B
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEC 1588

Basically it consists of the following components:

  • Sub-Master Base System 7001(RC)-Slave consisting of
    • 19" rack (3U/84HP) for mounting into cabinets
    • Clock board 7020RC-Slave
    • Display and keypad
    • Power supply
    • Max. 15 slots (3U/4HP) for implementation of function boards
    • Prepared extension slot for LAN Management Board 7052RC
  • Depending on the used signal and signal level for the synchronisation:
    Synchronisation boards and/or additional hardware input

NTP Stratum 1 Time Server

By implementation of NTP LAN Board(s) 7273(RC) or NTP LAN Board(s) 7274(RC) System 7001(RC) becomes a highly accurate NTP Stratum 1 Time Server for synchronization of computers and industrial networks.


  • Sub-Master System to be modularly equipped with a synchronisation board and function boards
  • High availability based on hot-plug capability:
    • Removal and installation of function boards during operation
    • Failure of single function boards do not influence the functions of the other boards
  • Channels for parameterization/monitoring:
    • Keypad and operating menu via display
    • Serial connection via the hmc (hopf Management Console)
    • WEB-GUI and SNMP for function boards with LAN interface
    • Option: LAN connection via the hmc including monitoring via SNMP
  • Subsequent extension by additional function boards
  • Error-Management to be parameterised
  • SyncOFF Timer (bridging of reception failure) providing an error-free operation even under difficult reception conditions
  • Redundant multiple test mechanism of the synchronisation signal providing a correct and leap-free signal evaluation
  • High free running accuracy
  • Maintenance-free back-up clock for three days
  • System completely maintenance-free
  • Options:
    • Power supplies for various operating voltages
    • Multi source functionality:
      Synchronisation via an additional signal input with automatic switch-over between GPS and the second synchronization source
    • Supply in 6U (6U/84HP) or 9U (9U/84HP) rack for implementation of more function boards and/or more extensions slots
    • Redundant power supplies
    • OCXO crystal basis for increased free running accuracy
    • Status LEDs in the front panel
    • Extension by a Switch-Box (System 5000) for automatic switch-over of signals between two systems
  • Specific hardware and software customizations


According to the customer specifications, the base system 7001(RC)-Slave is equipped with a synchronisation board and/or additional hardware input depending on the used signal and with function boards for the output of required signals. The possible number of functions boards to be integrated and upgraded is primarily determined by the number of available slots in 19" rack and the power supply capacity.

Please note:

  • Board number _ _ _ _ RC: only available for system 7001RC
  • Board number _ _ _ _ (RC): available for system 7001 as well as system 7001RC
  • Board number _ _ _ _ : only available for system 7001

Function Boards for System Bus

Function Boards

Synchronisation Boards and Modules

Management Boards


System 7001RC System 7001RC System 7001RC System 7001RC


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Software and Driver