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Because every fraction of a second counts 

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The highly-flexible time server 8029HEPTA

Short Description

The 8029HEPTA enables you to compose your individual time synchronization solution - because every fraction of a second counts

Our modular 8029HEPTA in its three versions:

  • 8029HEPTA Industry
    the perfect solution for companies working in the fields of industry, energy supply and automation:
    • 1 independent NTP time server is integrated in your system by default
    • can be equipped with up to 2 additional mutually independent NTP time server
    • individual slots of your system can be configured with different signal output modules like
      • IRIG-B (analogue / digital)
      • DCF77
      • Cyclic Pulses
  • 8029HEPTA DataCenter
    for the highly-precise synchronization of networks and industrial applications:
    • equipped with up to 7 mutually independent NTP time server
    • efficient and centralized network monitoring (optional feature)
    • efficient network monitoring of each NTP time server (optional feature)
  • 8029HEPTA in its most flexible way
    • different signal outputs are combined in ONE application - based on your specific requirements!

How does it work? Let us know your specific requirements via

Our sales team will be glad to send you an individual offer!

By the way:

The NTP time server 8029HEPTA is also part of the virtual Time Server Cluster


Individuality by flexibility – and the price is unbeatable!

  • simple, complete and safe operation and parameterisation (password protection and activatable https protocol) via a password-protected WebGUI (optional SSH/Telnet)
  • current status bar easily available via WebGUI
  • important information for implementing and about operating status available via LC-display (2 x 40) and status-LEDs at the front panel (if WebGUI-access is not available)
  • improved security ensured by
    • symmetric keys
    • access restriction
    • autokey
    • deactivation of non-used network protocols
  • SyncOFF Timer (reception failure bypassing) for accurate operation even based on difficult reception conditions
  • synchronization status output via optical coupler
  • GPS antenna circuit with potential isolation and antenna circuit control (supervision if antenna input is open or short-circuited)
  • By GPS time synchronization and the worldwide used time protocol NTP the time server 8029HEPTA (Industry/DataCenter) turns into a highly accurate NTP Stratum 1 time server.
  • synchronization of IEC 61850 compatible devices via NTP/SNTP
  • automatic switch-over of summer/winter time
  • high freewheel accuracy provided by GPS supported regulation of the internal quartz basis
  • redundant multiple validation of the synchronization signal for an error-free and leap-free signal evaluation
  • maintenance-free, buffered backup clock for at least three days
  • automatic handling of the leap second




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