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Sub-Master (Slave) Clock System 6844(RC)-SUB

Short Description

System 6844(RC)-SUB is a semi-modular SUB-Master System. Following signals (in some cases in combination with appropriate synchronization boards) can be used for synchronization of system 6844(RC)-SUB:

  • Serial hopf Master/Slave String from a hopf Master Clock
  • Serial hopf Master/Slave String + PPS pulse from a hopf Master Clock
  • DCF77 pulse (1Hz)
  • DCF77 antenna simulation (77.5kHz)
  • IRIG-B

Basically it consists of the following components:

  • Sub-Master System 6844SUB consisting of
    • Housings available (optionally)
      • 1/2 19" rack (3U/42HP) for mounting into cabinets
      • 1/2 19" table-top housing
      • 1/2 19" wall housing
      • 1/1 19" rack (3U/84HP) for mounting into cabinets
      • 1U Slim Line rack (1U/84HP) for mounting into cabinets
    • Clock board 6844SUB
    • Display and keypad
    • 2 independent serial interfaces COM0/COM1 in RS232/RS422 for output of serial data strings, digital IRIG-B signal (B00x / IEEE C37.118-2005 (formerly IEEE 1344-1995) / AFNOR NF S87-500) or DCF77 pulse
    • Power supply
    • 2 slots for implementation of function boards or rather 2 extension slots (with bus bridge boards) for subsequent extension with function boards. In wall housing: 1 slot for implementation of function boards or rather 1 extension slot

For output of signal outputs required in addition to those available as standard, system 6844SUB can be equipped with function boards. In system 6844SUB a maximum of two (2) function boards for system bus can be operated. When supplying system 6844 without additional function boards two extension slots (with bus bridge boards) for subsequent system extension are implemented.

Exclusion: System 6844SUB in wall housing. This rack version offers just one slot for function boards / bus bridge boards in connection with COM0/COM1. At customer's request system 6844SUB can be supplied with two slots but waiving COM0/COM1.

Applicable for rack versions 1/2 19" rack (3U/42HP) and 1/1 19" rack (3U/84HP): At time of ordering System 6844SUB in such rack versions additional function boards (without system bus) or prepared extension slots for such boards can be implemented.

System 6844RC-SUB / RC Functionality

By activating the Remote Function of board 6844SUB, system 6844SUB turns into a system 6844RC-SUB. As a result board 6844RC-SUB can be parameterized / monitored via the hmc to be connected via a serial RS232 interface and additional internal signal outputs are available. In connection with the LAN Management Board 6844MNG the hmc connection to board 6844RC-SUB can be processed via LAN. The Remote Function performed is limited to board 6844RC-SUB only.

NTP Stratum 1 Time Server

By implementation of up to two (2) NTP LAN Board(s) 7273(RC) or NTP LAN Board(s) 7274(RC) System 6844SUB becomes a highly accurate NTP Stratum 1 Time Server for synchronization of computers and industrial networks.


Features of Base System 6844

  • Semi-modular system equipped with max. 2 function boards for system bus
  • Channels for parameterization//monitoring:
    • Keypad and operating menu via display
    • WEB-GUI and SNMP for function boards with LAN interface
  • Subsequent extension by additional function boards (depending on configuration of system 6844SUB at time of delivery)
  • SyncOFF Timer (bridging of reception failure) providing an error-free operation even under difficult reception conditions
  • Redundant multiple test mechanism of the synchronisation signal providing a correct and leap-free signal evaluation
  • High free running accuracy
  • Maintenance-free back-up clock for three days
  • System completely maintenance-free
  • Options:
    • Activation of Remote Function of board 6844SUB
    • Power supplies for various operating voltages
    • Redundant power supplies
    • Specific hardware and software customizations

Additional Features for System 6844RC-SUB (System 6844RC-SUB with activated Remote Function of Board 6844SUB)

  • Channels for parameterization / monitoring:
    • Keypad and operating menu via display
    • WEB-GUI and SNMP for function boards with LAN interface
    • Serial connection via the hmc (hopf Management Console)
    • Optionally: LAN connection via the hmc including monitoring via SNMP
  • Additional internal signal outputs (RC pulses, additional IRIG-B signal)
  • Options for System 6844RC-SUB:
    • Prepared extension slot for upgrade of LAN Management Board 6844MNG (not applicable on 1U Slim Line version)
    • LAN Management Board 6844MNG for LAN connection via the hmc including monitoring via SNMP


The base system 6844(RC) is equipped with function boards for the output of required signals according to the provided customer specifications. The possible number of functions boards to be integrated and upgraded is primarily determined by the number of available slots in 19" rack and the power supply capacity.

Please note the following assignment:

  • Board number _ _ _ _ RC: only available for system 6844RC
  • Board number _ _ _ _ (RC): available for system 6844 as well as system 6844RC
  • Board number _ _ _ _ : only available for system 6844

Function Boards for System Bus

Function Boards

Synchronisation Boards and Modules

Management Boards



System 6844 System 6844 System 6844


System 6844 System 6844


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