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Large Scale Display 4985

Short Description

The basic version of the large display 4985 consists of a matrix measuring 16x64 LED. Two lines of 42mm or one line of 84mm alphanumeric characters can be displayed on this matrix.

The device can operate as a large display for values such as grid time, difference time and mains frequency which can be transferred from hopf System 7001(RC) with a board 7515(RC).

Different display and decoding programs are integrated in the large display 4985.

The large display is equipped with a highly accurate quartz clock which can be synchronized with a DCF77 signal. The DCF77 signal can be supplied to the BNC connector via an antenna or as a pulse to the respective inputs. The large display generates a DCF77 pulse and thus synchronizes further devices.

Time and date can be displayed in different formats.


The large display is set up in a black lacquered aluminium housing for wall installation.

The front page is of red and of coated acrylic glass and fixed into guiding rails of the housing.

For installation and configuration of the large display the right side panel of the housing and the front pane should be pulled to the right. The side panel of housing is mounted into guiding rails with spring locks.

Technical Data

Voltage supply: 85-250V AC (47-440Hz) or
110-250V DC
Housing dimensions: Model 4985: (X1: 636,0mm / X2: 578,0mm)
Model 4985EXT3: (X1: 824,0mm / X2: 770,0mm)
Serial Interface: RS232 and RS422 without handshake
DCF77 pulse input: RS422 hardware or TTL level
DCF77 pulse output: RS422 hardware
Temperature range: Operating: 0° to +55° C
Storage: -20° bis +75° C
Readability: in 2 lines each with 42mm high characters
  • 20m
in 1 line each with 84mm high characters
  • 40m
Humidity: Max. 95%, not condensed
LED colour: red
Protection: IP40 for indoor mounting
Housing: Housing for wall mounting
Material: aluminium, black
Weight: Approx. 3.7kg
Backup-Clock Accuracy: ± 25 ppm at constant temperature in a range of +10° bis +50° C
Backup-Clock Buffering (maintenance-free): 3 days
Operation: Via 4 keys and LED display
With hmc (hopf Management Console) via serial interface
Custom-made products: Hard- and software solutions according to customer specifications


Display Time Display time/date Display frequency Display temperature Display difference time Display power


PDF documents

Software and Driver