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Indirect Lightning Protection 4495 for GPS antenna equipment

Short Description

When outdoor antennas are used high interference voltage or current pulses may occur in the antenna cable during thunderstorms. This may result in damaging or destroying not only the directly connected radio-controlled clock system but also any other devices connected.

To avoid severe damage and damage-related costs an indirect lightning protection should be installed between the outdoor antenna and the circuit board of the radio-controlled clock.

This is why the hopf lightning strategy is made up of a combination of rough and fine protection.

Rough Lightning Protection

The double-chamber gas arrestor, located in the lightning protection, has a dynamic operating voltage of < 700 V and conducts voltage, when ignited, out of the cable to the earth potential.

Fine protection (in the hopf GPS receiver board)

Fast absorber diodes with a response time of < 1 nsec. and an absorber power of 600 W at the input of the GPS receiver board keep the potential differences between antenna core and zero at a constant approximate ± 6 V until ignition of the double-chamber gas arrestor.

Because of the high frequency and the signals below the permitted noise level, the elements must be set up in strip-line sequence. This combination also guarantees the potential separation of the antenna circuit to other electronics in conditions without interference.

If no further devices (eg. power splitter) are installed between lightning protection and electronic with fine protection, for safety reasons a maximum cable length must not be exceeded (please have a look at the drawings in the technical manual which can be found in the tab 'Download').

Technical Data

Housing: aluminium die-cast housing
Dimensions of housing: 250 x 105 x 95 mm
Input / output: BNC-connector
Earth connection point: screw connection M6
Weight: approx. 1.8 kg
Operating speed: < 1ns
Current surge pulse 8/20 μs wave form: 10 kA
Protection level at 6 kV 1.5/50 μsec. Wave at input: < 12 V
Input impedance: 50 Ω
Insertion loss: max. 3 dB
Temperature range:
 - Operation
 - Storage
-20° C bis +80° C
-40° C bis +85° C
Humidity: 95% not condensed
Protection class: IP40
Category of Application: indoors, protected
MTBF: > 10,000,000 h
(Lightning protector excluded guarantee)


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Software and Driver

  • For this product there is no Software / Driver available.