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DCF77 Pulse Generator 4460, 5x optical couplers

Short Description

The receiver unit 4460 serves to synchronise the control devices with cyclic pulses.

The data are emitted potential free. The unit can operate in a wide voltage range 12-60V DC (optional 36-75VDC).

The electronic is placed in a plastic terminal box with screw terminals for the connections. The package is fixed to a bar.

When the operating voltage is connected to the screw terminals (see block wiring diagram) as well as the antenna to the BNC-connector the device is ready for operation.


Various output pulses can be read off potential free via 5 optical couplers.

The maximum switch voltage is 60V DC / 20 mA (ohm load).


There are several pulse groups available – for further information please have a look at the datasheet in the tab "Download".

The according group can be selected by means of jumpers in the unit.


PDF documents

Software and Driver

  • For this product there is no Software / Driver available.