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Image Update & H8 Firmware Update

In these times of dynamic changes technical solutions need to be developed on a regular basis. New technologies and changes regarding required components require to adapt the hardware of existing solutions and therefore result in various product versions.

As a matter of course, for each product version the appropriate firmware is available for download.

To ensure that you install the suitable firmware for your board it is absolutely necessary to answer a few questions in advance to determine the hardware version you are currently using.

Before determing the hardware version for Board 7273(RC) please note the following information regarding the update:

  • Only experienced users or trained technical staff should carry out a firmware update after checking all necessary preconditions.
  • Important: an incorrect update or an incorrect update trial may require to send the board to hopf Elektronik GmbH for a fee-based repair.
  • Is the update version which is available suitable for your board? In case of uncertainty please contact the support team of hopf Elektronik GmbH.
  • Under no circumstances do not carry out a downgrade
  • To ensure a correct update you need to adjust the function "new version of saved site" to "each time the website is accessed" in the used internet browser.
  • During the update process the board must not be switched off nor the settings may be saved on flash!
  • Updates always need to be implemented as software set. That means that all programs contained in the set must be installed. Further information which program versions belong to which set can be found in the release notes!
  • The present firmware can only be used for Board 7273(RC).