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Because every fraction of a second counts 

To all our customers, partners and friends!

The turn of the year draws closer and preparations for closing 2016 are in full swing. Nevertheless the next business year has to be prepared properly to enable a successful start from the beginning. Therefore we proudly present the two latest additions to our product range today – because every fraction of a second counts:

Network timeserver 8030NTS/GPS

highly precise network synchronization in a compact DIN rail housing

Completely maintenance-free and space-saving hopf network timeserver for DIN rail mounting with up to 2 isolated and mutually independent timeserver modules and up to 4 ethernet interfaces ensuring enhanced security for business critical and even most demanding applications!

Base system 8030NTS/GPS is equipped with 1 network timeserver module by default:
  • 2 ethernet interfaces 10/100/1000 Mbit/s autosensing
  • Network Time Protocol Version 4 (RFC5905)

To ensure enhanced security and availability in redundant networks one additional, isolated and independent network timeserver module 8030NTS/M may be integrated in the base system at time of purchase.

Optionally the network timeserver 8030NTS/GPS may also be equipped with various other signal output modules.

For detailed information please have a look at the 8030NTS/GPS-brochure.

Network timeserver function board 7274(RC)

The function board 7274(RC) is suitable for use in the modular hopf-systems
  • 7001RC
  • 7001
  • 6844RC
  • 6844
  • 6855

The function board is also available for the non-modular DIN rail clock system 6875 (version: 7274DIN-Rail).

The following time protocols are supported by default:
  • RFC-5905 NTPv4 Server
    • NTP Broadcast Mode
    • NTP Multicast Mode
    • NTP Client for additional NTP Servers (redundancy)
    • SNTP Server
    • NTP Symmetric Key Encryption
    • NTP Autokey Encryption
    • NTP Access Restrictions
  • SINEC H1 time datagram
  • RFC-867 DAYTIME Server
  • RFC-868 timeserver

Download here the Technical Manual as well as the Datasheet.

Both solutions offer a variety of either optionally activatable functions or functions integrated by default:



7274 / 7274RC / 7274DIN-Rail

  • Alarming
    • SNMPv2c / SNMPv3
      (MIB II, hopf  Private Enterprise MIB, SNMP traps)
    • E-Mail Notification
    • SYSLOG 

optionally activatable

integrated by default

  • Routing for configuring static routes
    based on special network configuration requirements

optionally activatable

integrated by default

  • SINEC H1 time datagram

optionally activatable

integrated by default

  • VLAN support according to IEEE 802.1q

optionally activatable

optionally activatable

  • Port Aggregation (NIC Bonding/Teaming)
    with support of IEEE 802.3ad trunks

optionally activatable

optionally activatable

  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) according to IEC 62439-3

optionally activatable

optionally activatable

Or you choose to send us your inquiry to - we are looking forward to preparing an individual quotation for you!

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