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To all our customers, partners and friends!

Summer time is over and today we are glad to present the latest addition to the product range:

hopf network time server 8030HEPTA/GPS

network synchronization in a compact design

hopf network time server appliance with up to 5 isolated and mutually independent time server modules and up to 10 ethernet interfaces ensuring enhanced security for business critical and even most demanding applications!

The network time server 8030HEPTA/GPS is ideal for everyone searching for a space-saving and budget-friendly solution with numerous configuration and extension options.

Base system 8030HEPTA/GPS is equipped with one network time server by default:

  • 2 ethernet interfaces 10/100/1000 Mbit/s autosensing
  • Network Time Protocol Version 4 (RFC5905)

Up to four additional isolated and mutually independent network time server modules 8030NTS/M may be integrated into the base system ensuring enhanced security and availability in redundant networks.

In addition, optional functions per network time server module may be activated on site any time after purchase of the appliance by entering an activation key:

  • Alarming
    • SNMPv2c / SNMPv3 (MIB II,
      hopf Private Enterprise MIB, SNMP traps)
    • E-Mail Notification
    • SYSLOG
  • Routing
    for configuring static routes based on special network configuration requirements
  • VLAN support according to IEEE 802.1q
  • Port aggregation (NIC Bonding/Teaming)
    with support of IEEE 802.3ad trunks
  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)
    according to IEC 62439-3
  • SINEC H1 time datagram

Likewise before making your purchase you decide on the required power supply of your individual network time server 8030HEPTA/GPS.

In case of standard delivery the appliance 8030HEPTA/GPS will be equipped with the following power supply unit:

  • 100 ‐ 240V AC

Optionally available the network time server 8030HEPTA/GPS may be equipped with the following power supply units:

  • 24V DC (18 ‐ 36V DC)
  • 48V DC (36 ‐ 76V DC)
  • 110 ‐ 250V DC

To provide even more flexibility network time server 8030HEPTA/GPS may optionally be equipped with numerous available time synchronization modules for the output of:

  • IRIG-B (modulated / unmodulated)
  • DCF77 (modulated / unmodulated)
  • Cyclic pulses (PPS, PPM, etc.)
  • Serial time datagram

These output modules are available in various electrical signal output versions as well as modules for fiber optic output.

Interested in more details? Click here and get more information.

Or you choose to send us your inquiry regarding the network time server 8030HEPTA/GPS to ‐ we are looking forward to preparing an individual quotation for you!

Good to know

On December 31, 2016, at midnight we will have to deal with an unusual time ‐ the second 23:59:59 (UTC) is followed by 23:59:60. Afterwards January 1, 2017, starts with 00:00:00 (UTC). The reason for this phenomenon?! Another leap second is going to be inserted!

This declaration was announced by IERS (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service) on July 6, 2016.

If you are running a hopf clock system, you do not have to worry about a thing ‐ the leap second will automatically be inserted!

In case you are wondering why leap seconds have to be inserted from time to time, here is a short explanation for you:

As day length increases because rotation of the earth globe continuously decreases, the UTC-time needs to be adapted to the actual rotation of the earth. This is done via the leap second!

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