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Newsletter 2015.Q4



At the beginning of today's newsletter we would like to ask you the following question:

What is time?

A simple question which is not that easy to answer in detail.

As one of the leading European manufacturers of time synchronization solutions hopf Elektronik GmbH has summarized the process from occurence to distribution of time in the white paper "What is time".

Even Augustinus Aurelis, bishop of Hippo Regius and philosopher at the epochal threshold from ancient times to the Middle Ages, said:

"What is time? If nobody is asking, I know everything; if somebody is asking and I want to explain the details, I do not know anything about it." (free translation of the following German official version: "Was ist also die Zeit? Wenn mich niemand darüber fragt, so weiß ich es; wenn ich es aber jemandem auf seine Frage erklären möchte, so weiß ich es nicht.")

Our entire day is organised by time - dial and hands of a clock are helping us to arrange everyday's life and to provide stability when planning future steps.

Time enables us to put events and experiences in a logical order because time is uni-directional for our perception. We are not able to stop or reverse time - it is streaming from the past to the future and is distinguishing cause and effect.

Get more information about

  • the definition and measuring of time
  • the terms of time (International Atomic Time, UTC, Standard Time as well as Local Time)
  • the distribution of time reference signals via GPS or DCF77
  • by downloading the hopf whitepapers What is time

Operating several GPS receivers with one common GPS antenna

If only one GPS antenna for operating several GPS receivers can be installed (due to structural or other reasons), it is however possible to operate several GPS receivers with one common GPS antenna by using hopf GPS antenna splitters.

The GPS antenna splitter FG4443G00 enables to operate two GPS receivers with one common GPS antenna. Voltage for antenna splitter FG4443G00 is supplied internally by the system via the GPS antenna cable of the connected hopf GPS receivers. No external power supply is needed to operate the application.

Get more information regarding FG4443G00 here.

Should you require to operate up to eight GPS receivers with one common GPS antenna, articles FG4449G00 and FG4449G01 are the perfect solution for you. Voltage for antenna splitter FG4449G00 is supplied internally by the system via the GPS antenna cable of the connected hopf GPS receivers. Voltage for antenna splitter FG4449G01 is supplied by an external voltage source (18-60V DC).

More information regarding the versions of article FG4449 can be found here.

Please feel free to view more details about our GPS antenna systems.

8029HEPTA DataCenter - promotion until December 24, 2015!

In barely one month it's Christmas - time for presents!

hopf Elektronik GmbH already has a gift for you today!

Make sure to receive your 10% promotion discount on your 8029HEPTA DataCenter quotation!

All orders which will be received until December 24, 2015, regarding 8029HEPTA DataCenter - equipped with more than three NTP timeserver modules - will participate in the promotion.

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