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Newsletter 2014.Q4


Dear customers and partners,

The year 2014 draws to a close – the last quarter of the year has just started. In almost every company there is still a lot of work that needs to be done – current projects need to be finished in time, new tasks have to be prepared carefully for 2015.

hopf Elektronik GmbH is also doing brisk business at the moment: on July 1, 2014, a new management board has been established. Mr. Michael Hocke (Chief Technology Officer) remained as an active member of the management board.  The management board was additionally completed by Mr. Erich Ruprecht as Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Wolfgang Kanovsky as Chief Financial Officer. The new management board thinks big and wants to boost the service quality to win new customers and to satisfy existing ones.

To support you in the best way possible – now and in the near future – we are glad to inform you about your possibilities regarding time synchronisation with this newsletter. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

In today’s newsletter you will find the following topics:

  • Welcome to our latest highlight: NTP Time Server 6844DekaFlex
    flexible, highly-precise and individually arrangable
  • The complete package for our customers in the automation sector:
    GPS DIN Rail Time Server 8029NTS/GPS – your highly-precise NTP Stratum 1 Time Server
  • Oldie but Goldie: NTP Time Server 8029HEPTA/GPS
    better known as "The Magnificent Seven" …


Our Latest Highlight 6844DekaFlex

Since mid-October our new star is waiting in the wings – the 6844DekaFlex.

6844DekaFlex is perfect for everyone searching flexible, highly-precise und individually arrangable NTP Time Servers. The 6844DekaFlex is more than ready to fulfill your individual requirements – because every subsecond counts. Before making your purchase you decide

  • how many NTP Time Servers you need,
  • which source of synchronisation you want to make use of,
  • how 2 redundant power supply units should be configured for you,
  • if you want to make use of optional functions for managing your network,

How does the 6844DekaFlex work in detail?
Find out more in German, English, French, Spanish and Russian here.


GPS DIN Rail Time Server 8029NTS/GPS

The complete package for our customers in the automation sector: GPS DIN Rail Time Server 8029NTS/GPS

For years now our customers appreciate this GPS Time Server built into a closed aluminium profile housing for DIN Rail mounting according to DIN EN 60715 TH35. Why?

  • Based on GPS synchronisation and the worldwide used time protocol NTP our 8029NTS/GPS will become a highly-precise NTP Stratum 1 Time Server. Perfect for synchronising computer networks and industrial networks!
  • Based on changing requirements you can extend the 8029NTS/GPS with various signal outputs (e.g. IRIG-B, DCF77 …).
  • To make sure that the signal evaluation is accurate and free of leaps in time, the synchronisation signal is checked redundantly.

Interested in finding out more about the 8029NTS/GPS? Here you can find further information.


NTP Time Server 8029HEPTA/GPS

Oldie but Goldie: NTP Time Server 8029HEPTA/GPS

"The Magnificent Seven" have arrived at hopf. Your advantages of this GPS NTP Time Server:

  • up to 7 independently acting NTP Time Servers are integrated.
  • obtain required information easily via LCD and status-LEDs.
  • due to a new kind of housing you can expand your system efficiently any time you want.

Check out the details here.



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