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Digital 7-Segment LED Display 3550 for control panel mounting

Short Description

Display 3550 is a 7 segment LED display for control panel installation designed in accordance with DIN 43700. With 6 digit and 16 individual LEDs, time or date as well as the weekday and various items of status information can all be displayed.

The display can be read easily at a distance of approx. 8 metres due to the character height of 25mm.

Display 3550 can be operated and parameterised by means of 4 buttons on the front panel. The settings are menu-driven.

The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted to suit the respective lighting conditions of the installation environment.

In addition, a variety of power supplys (AC and DC) can be selected.


  • Synchronisation of the display with DCF77 time code or DCF77 pulse
  • Time and date can be displayed alternately
  • Character height: 25mm
  • Adjustable time offset for internal calculation of UTC time
  • Enclosure for control panel installation in accordance with DIN 43700 including mounting brackets
  • Simple operation via buttons on the front panel
  • Easy brightness control via buttons on the front panel
  • All connectors with strain relief
  • Status LEDs on the display for:
    • Synchronisation status
    • Input signal detection
    • ST/WT changeover announcement
    • Leap second announcement
    • AM/PM time display
    • Local/UTC time base
    • Daylight Saving Time
    • EU/US date display
  • Use of non-reflecting filter plates to subdue reflection
  • For the AC version:
    Wide-ranging voltage input 100-240V AC - for worldwide application
  • For the DC version:
    Voltage input range 18-36V DC or 36-72V DC
  • Serial service interface (RS232 format)
  • High freewheel accuracy through synchronisation-supported regulation of the internal quartz base
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Redundant multiple checking of the synchronisation signals for fault and leap-free time display.

Extension options

  • Customer-specific system adjustments for 'tailor-made' project solutions.


Digital 7-Segment LED Display Digital 7-Segment LED Display Digital 7-Segment LED Display


PDF documents

Software and Driver

  • For this product there is no Software / Driver available