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Line Booster 4820 for DCF77 Time Code

Short Description

Line Booster 4820DC is a DCF77 pulse (1Hz) to DCF77 Time Code converter designed for rail-mounting.

A DCF77 pulse fed in over optical fiber is converted into a DCF77 Time Code signal for controlling slave clocks with DCF77 Time Code input. The 24V DC power supply for the Line Booster's electronics also serves as the power supply to the slave clock line.

By way of status LEDs on the front panel and status relays, the Line Booster disposes of status information which can be evaluated both visually and electrically. The function of these LEDs and relays can be checked in operation by means of a button on the front panel, without affecting the functions of the Line Booster.

A high degree of flexibility and high availability are achieved in conjunction with complete freedom from maintenance.

Converters with customer-specific properties can be supplied on request.

The hopf Line Booster 4820DC further enhances the innovative product range from hopf Elektronik GmbH.


  • Signal conversion of a DCF77 pulse to DCF77 Time Code – 24 volt
  • power supply 100 – 240V AC via 3-pole pluggable screw terminal
  • fiber optic components:
    • 1 fiber optic receiver (820nm, type ST, bayonet connector, multi-mode)
    • 7 fiber optic transmitters (820nm, type ST, bayonet connector, multi-mode)
  • Fiber optic signal input for DCF77 pulse with status LED
  • Fiber optic repeater function for DCF77 pulse
  • Each output signal individually inverted
  • With 9 Status LEDs for:
    • Power Supply
    • FO receiver
    • every FO transmitter
  • robust aluminum rail housing
    • 100 x 105 x 175mm (W x H x D)
    • for DIN rail mounting (35mm mounting rail) according to DIN EN 50 022
    • protection class IP40
  • Connection for slave clocks over plug-in screw terminal for cables up to 2.5mm²
  • Status LEDs in the front panel for:
    • Power
    • Time Signal
    • Time Signal Error
    • Line Error
  • Status relays on Sub-D connector for:
    • Power O.K.
    • Time Signal O.K.
    • Line O.K.
  • Function test button for status LEDs and relays
  • Signal monitoring for activity on the DCF77 pulse input
  • Line monitoring of the slave clock line for short circuit and undervoltage
  • Self-resetting fuse for restricting line current on short circuit on the clock line


PDF documents

Software and Driver

  • For this product there is no Software / Driver available.